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iPad-Book Drop Off

May 20, 2020

Dear Sand Creek Intermediate Families, 
All HSE schools have been working to create plans for the collection of school-owned items as well as the retrieval of student personally-owned items. Due to the Governor’s order for no public activity in schools until the end of June, we will only be focused on outdoor collection of school-owned/rented items at this time to comply with the directive. All items that are inside the building, including materials in lockers, will be returned when the government’s executive orders and essential business only on school grounds is lifted. 
In order to maintain safety and wellness of our SCI community throughout this process, a curb-side drive thru has been established. Our staff and volunteers will have masks and gloves on to assure everyone’s safety. Upon your arrival and to make the day as efficient as possible, we ask that you have your child's name written on a piece of paper and taped to the front windshield.  As mentioned, this is a drive thru event, and we ask that no one leaves their cars during this time. 
On May 28th & 29th, SCI staff & volunteers will be available from 10am-6pm to collect the following school-owned items from students: 
· iPads 
· Textbooks (No consumables or workbooks will be collected.) 
· Library books 
· Band/orchestra instruments (only school owned instruments) 

 ¨ Students who have school-owned instruments or Paige's rental instruments and are continuing on in orchestra next year in our district should continue to keep their instruments at home so that they can practice over the summer.
 ¨ Students who have school-owned instruments and are not continuing on in orchestra next year can return them to the school on the drop-off dates. 
¨ If students are not continuing in orchestra and have a Paige's instrument, they should contact Paige's to schedule a pickup or they can take it directly to the Paige's store. We highly suggest taking it to Paige’s and dropping it off at the store so that you will have a return receipt.

Please attempt to drop-off noted items on the following days/times: (If not possible, please drop-off during a convenient time for your family.) 

May 28th – 
  • 10:00am-2:00pm – Student Last Name A-D 
  • 2:00-6:00pm – Student Last Name E-H 
May 29th – 
  • 10:00am-2:00pm – Student Last Name I-O 
  • 2:00-6:00pm – Student Last Name P-Z 
On these two days, we ask that you refer to the attached map to understand our traffic flow and adhere closely to it as there will be a great deal of activity on 131st St. We ask that you please follow these steps: 
  • All vehicles enter the SCI bus lot between SCI and SCE 
  • Follow the curb to the end of the sidewalk near the track to form a line 
  • Provide your child’s name to the volunteer who will come to your vehicle 
  • Drop-off textbooks, library books, and iPads in a collection box. 
  • iPads will be verified by the technology staff, and a return receipt will be given 
  • A band/orchestra teacher will also collect rented instruments. 
Exit the parking lot headed West. We realize that this may ask you to take a different route from your home that might not be as convenient. However, if all intermediate parents follow this path, we will keep everyone safe. 
The business we are conducting on May 28th & 29th is deemed essential to prepare for next school year. Please share with your child that other items will be retrieved later in the summer. We appreciate your patience. At which time the Governor indicates that the public may enter schools, we will be announcing an item pick-up plan for locker and classroom items. 
At the earliest, this pick-up event could occur the first of July. We will strictly adhere to our state and local requirements to take all measures to keep our SCI community safe. Wearing masks at any and all of our drop-off/pick-up events would be greatly appreciated and in the interest of all. 
We are appreciative of all of you and the valuable work you have been involved in with your children, teachers, and all of the SCI staff. It has been powerful to hear the stories of flexibility, care, and collaboration within our community. Thank you.  Be well and stay safe! 
Randy Schoeff and Michelle Bunnell 
Sand Creek Intermediate Principal and Assistant Principal 

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