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Attendance & Absences


A parent call to the school is required for each student absence.  Parents must call the school office by 9:15 a.m. each day the student is absent or arrives late to school.  Should a parent neglect to call the day of absence, a note or call from the parent must be registered the first day following the absence.   
Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process and is considered to be a serious matter.  Whenever a student arrives at school after the 9:15 AM bell has rung, he/she/they should report directly to the front office.  Students are to sign in on the late arrival form located in the main office.  A student who arrives to school late three (3) or more times will receive disciplinary consequences.  Some examples of unexcused tardiness include: car trouble, missing the bus, personal illness, cramps, headaches, not feeling well, oversleeping, school closing assumptions, personal business, power outage and transportation related issues, etc. Medical issues that result in a child being habitually tardy for school would require medical documentation from the attending physician to be marked as excused 

Each teacher is required to keep a record of tardiness to class.  When a student is late to class, the student should report to the teacher.  Each teacher’s classroom management plan will address consequences for students that are late for class. 

Absences will be excused, but not counted against absence numbers, for the following reasons:
     ●    School-sponsored trips
     ●    Court appearance
     ●    Service as a legislative page
     ●    Religious instruction
     ●    Others excused by the principal/designee
A student may be excused if the student or member of the student’s household participates or exhibits in the Indiana State fair for educational purposes.  The student’s parent must provide a written note indicating the educational purpose and the school principal must approve the absence.  A student may not miss more than (5) days in a school year due to attending the State Fair.  The student must be in good academic standing with the school as determined by HSE.
Absences will be excused and counted against absence numbers for the following reasons:
     ●    The student’s illness or injury (documented)
     ●    Medical appointments
     ●    Verified accident involving the student’s transportation
     ●    Death or serious illness in the student’s immediate family
     ●    Religious observations
     ●    College/High School visits
     ●    Others excused by the principal/designee
A maximum of eight (8) absences per semester and a maximum of sixteen (16) absences per year will be excused. Further absences will be unexcused unless verified by a doctor’s note.
Students of parents serving in active duty of the military shall have additional excused absences at the discretion of the school principal or designee for visitations relative to leave or deployment.
Any absence from school for any reason not included as an excused absence is an unexcused absence. Examples would include: car trouble, oversleeping, missing the bus, school closing assumptions, personal business, transportation problems before/after a vacation, truancy, working, administratively determined unexcused absences.
Students may make up missed work. Make-up work will be graded in accordance with the classroom teacher’s rules concerning late work.  Those rules may not treat work made up due to an unexcused absence differently than work turned in late by a student who was not absent. No student’s grade for any grading period may be adversely affected solely because of unexcused absences.  Repeated unexcused absences, may, however, warrant appropriate disciplinary action, including action under Indiana’s compulsory school attendance laws.

1. A Parent must call the school by 10:00AM each day the student is absent or if the student will be arriving to school late.  There is a 24-hour voice mailbox available. 
2. A maximum of eight (8) absences per semester and a maximum of sixteen (16) absences per year will be excused. Further absences will be unexcused unless verified by a doctor’s note. 
3. A student must be present 3 or more hours, in order to be credited for a half day of attendance.  A half day of attendance is required for participation, or attendance at, extracurricular activities. 
Homework is an out-of-school assignment that contributes to the process of educating the student.  It should be an extension of class work and should be related to the objectives of the curriculum presently studied.  Homework may include additional practice exercises, reading of material on a specified subject, in-depth extension of classroom activities, or independent project work related to the subject.  Homework will not be worked on during recess.
Homework requirements will differ from grade to grade reflecting the student’s age and the subjects involved.  The Board of School Trustees directs the Superintendent or designee to establish homework procedures.  
If a student is absent, they should check Canvas, contact teacher or TOR as needed.

If a parent moves, changes telephone numbers, or experiences a change in employment, these changes must be reported to the school office.  
Student’s Legal Statement: If you are moving to another school during the year, please notify the office and your classroom teacher. To withdraw from school, a parent must notify the school office so that records to be sent to the school where the student is transferring can be completed. All school materials and books must be returned. All fees must be paid before records will be forwarded. Parents or guardians must sign a release form before records can be sent to another school corporation.  
Students’ Legal Settlement:  A student may be expelled from school if the student’s legal settlement is not in the attendance area of the school corporation where the student is enrolled.    

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